Retiring my 2208 Powered ZMR250

My Cobra 2208 powered ZMR250 has been a ton of fun. Those motors, when driven with 4S batteries and swinging 6045 props, are awesome. It’s a fast quad with gobs of punch.

I keep breaking it though. Badly. Since moving to Vegas within the last year, my flying spots are now mostly over grass thanks to a large number of city parks here. The grass definitely helps soften crashes. As I get faster and more aggressive in my flying however, more of my spare time has shifted to repairing my ZMR after flying sessions.

Arms are the usual breaking point. I’ve tried quite a few different arms, mostly extended ones to get the 6″ props into clearer air. I’ve broken the frame bottom and top plates on several occasions too.

On my last flying session with it, I had two crashes. The first was at the bottom of a loop around a tree. I clipped a branch and ended up in a pile of rocks.

It made it through that one with just a few scratches. The next crash was during a high speed pass under some trees. That one broke my top plate, bottom plate, Oso Grande Simple PDB and delaminated one of the arms. That’s pretty much the whole frame.

I initially figured that if just rebuilt it again. After a few days thinking about it, I think it’s time to move on. I haven’t decided what yet, but I want to replace it with something a little more tough. Stronger arms are a must. 

X configurations are popular now. We’ll see. I’m looking at the options to use the 2208 motors on something else. I also just finished a new 210-sized quad.

Thanks for the fun, 2208 ZMR250.

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