Xiaomi Yi Firmware Update Crash Testing

After flying my Xiaomi Yi action camera on my miniquad for about a month, I noticed that whenever I crashed the camera turned itself off. Not only that, but it looked like the camera only saved video every few seconds. So if you crashed a couple seconds after one of its internal saves, there might be a few seconds missing leading up to the crash. Let’s face it, crashes are an awesome part of flying minicabs. Having those on video is almost a badge of honor. No crashes. No almost crashes. Boo.

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 8.51.25 PM
I heard from a few other owners that they were seeing the same thing. I posted a comment a few weeks ago on one of the Xiaomi Yi forum threads sharing what I thought was going on. My best guess is that their firmware was shutting down the camera immediately upon feeling a shock. I think this was a big problem. Thankfully, it looks like they fixed it.

After upgrading to version 1.0.12 firmware and crashing several times (including a crash that was my hardest impact since buying the camera), the Xiaomi Yi is now recording all my crashes. You want your crashes on video, so go upgrade your firmware!

I stopped by an old campground in Cima, CA on a recent road trip. The wind was gusting to about 30mph, but I snuck in a few flights anyway. My latest crash is at the end…

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