Xiaomi Yi Refocusing

Quite a few Xiaomi Yi camera owners are reporting soft or out of focus images. I originally thought mine was close, but after flying with it for a while I wasn’t completely happy with the sharpness. Yeah, it wasn’t close.

There’s a great post at FPV Lab on how to do this. I didn’t have an HDMI cable that fit the camera, so instead of connecting the camera to a monitor, I took a series of still images at various focus settings instead. Once you remove the front face, the camera has a little brass-colored plunger. Pushing that might do something. I’ll let you figure it out.

Taking photos while adjusting the focus worked, but I bet an HDMI output to a monitor would be quicker. Once I found the best focus, I put a few dabs of Goop on the side of the lens to keep it from moving.

Here’s focus setting as I got the camera (white line added for clarity):

IMG_1417 - before focus with line
Here’s the focus setting after I adjusted it:

IMG_1419 - after focus with line
Here’s a before shot (100% zoom cropped image – click for full size):

focus before crop
Here’s an after shot (good focus):

focus after crop
Here are the before & after together. You really should click this to see the full version:

focus before and after crop

I’m not sure if future versions of the Xiaomi Yi will have better focus out of the box. If you have the skills, I highly recommend opening yours up and setting the focus yourself.

2 thoughts on “Xiaomi Yi Refocusing

  • June 6, 2015 at 6:59 am

    Great and also the best way to do is through HDMI

    • June 6, 2015 at 7:26 am

      Absolutely. If you have an HDMI cable, that’s a great way to adjust the focus.


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