ZMR250 Build Parts & PIDs List

I’ve had several people ask for details on my miniquad setup. My ZMR250 is on about it’s 8th rebuild, so it’s fairly close to what I want out of it. The current list is below.  It’s worth noting, however, that this is not a complete parts list to get a new ZMR250 in the air.  There will be other wires, connectors, heat shrink, and other things you’ll need to complete your build.

ZMR250 Carbon
MultirotorMania Extended Arms V1
Overcraft PDB (Run 3) — These aren’t available any more. Go for an OSO 250 instead.
KISS 18A V1.1 ESCs with Oneshot
Cobra 2208 – 2000kV motors
HQ 6×4.5 props
Lumenier 4S 1800mAh 75C & Turnigy nano-tech 4S 1800 64C batteries
3D printed Daveman Thingiverse arm spacers
Naze32 full running Cleanflight or Tau Labs
FrSky D4R-II receiver
SparkFun OpenLog
Sony Super HAD 600TVL board camera with f/2.8 lens
MinimOSD running MWOSD 1.3
Immersion 5.8GHz 600mW Vtx
Immersion, IBCrazy, or China-special video antenna
Xiaomi Yi action camera

Weight (no battery): 620g
Weight (w/4S 1800 75C): 846g
Combined static thrust: 4600g
Thrust to weight ratio: 5.4:1

Here’s my Cleanflight pid_controller 5 PIDs & receiver setup:
EDIT: I’m now flying Boris B’s Betaflight, including his new Luxfloat rewrite. It’s silky smooth.


So, what would I change if I were starting over?

  • ESCs.  When I bought them, the KISS ESCs were the only ones that supported Oneshot.  FVT (Favorite) Little Bee 20A ESCs are all the rage now because of their inexpensive price and near KISS performance. If you’re looking to save some money, these sound like a good way to go.
  • Motors.  Well, this isn’t a for-sure change, but it’s worth considering.  With HQ6045 props, Cobra 2204-2300kV motors put out almost as much thrust as the 2208-2000kV motors (with the SimonK firmware linked to above).  They do that while pulling slightly less amps, weighing less and costing about $5 less per motor.  For most people, it’d be really hard to tell the difference between the 2204 and 2208 motors.  If you’re running a prop less than an HQ6045, the data show that there’s no difference in thrust.
  • Bobbins.  The soft squishy silicone/rubber things that hold the camera mount to the frame aren’t made for a camera as heavy as the Xiaomi Yi or GoPro.  I’d like to find some stiffer bobbins.
    • EDIT: I’m now using a 3d printed TPU (a kind of flexible plastic) mount for my Xiaomi Yi camera. So far it’s awesome. Get it here Great3d.
  • Camera.  This doesn’t exist quite yet, but a camera in the Mobius/Runcam format that supports 1080p at 60fps would be a nice change.  The Yi is great and cheap, but it’s big & heavy.
    • EDIT: The Foxeer Legend 1 might be worth trying. It had some initial quality control problems (the same bad focus issues the Yi had), but read some recent reviews — it might be worth a try if you want that form factor.

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